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Young Mothers asked to share experiences

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Learn-BlocksAre you an African American or Latina mother 18-years of age or older, pregnant or with a child up to age 2? If yes, take a moment and think back to your pregnancy and remember if–after you had your baby–you ever:

  • Felt sad, worried, anxious, or overwhelmed
  • Had a case of the baby-blues
  • Lacked energy or had trouble sleeping

If yes, Dr. Carol Brownstein-Evans and Dr. Robert Keefe would like to hear from you. You can share as part of a focus group of other mothers, or in an individual setting. Transportation is available if needed. Refreshments will be provided, and mothers who participate will receive a $20 Tops Grocery store gift card.

Small group discussions will be held at Anthony Jordan (82 Holland Street) and Brown Square (322 Lake Avenue) health centers in the Fall of 2014. Please contact Dr. Brownstein-Evans (Nazareth College/GRC MSW Program) at 802-5182 or 395-8459, or Dr. Keefe (University at Buffalo School of Social Work) at 716-645-1230.


Dr. Michael Traylor leads Adolescent Health session

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Okay, let’s just ask it . . .

What is good sexual health? People of all ages want to know but this session, led by Jordan Health pediatrician Dr. Michael Traylor at Jordan Health’s 82 Holland Street facility from 5:30PM-7PM on Thursday, June 5 gives youth aged 11-16 time to discuss Sexual Health and Relationships. The session is free and open to youth aged 11-16. To register, call Goals For Youth, Inc. at 802-8840.

Parents, we haven’t forgotten you!

A group discussion for any parent/guardian/caretaker is being planned to help you talk to youth about Sexual Health and Relationships. Tentatively, this session is scheduled for 5:30PM-7PM on Thursday, August 14. Date confirmation and location will be available this month.

Become a Jordan ROCStar Today!

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Become a Jordan ROC Star

Jordan is celebrating ROC The Day with our community. We need your help to raise awareness for “Total health, Local health” and generate more funds for patient care. Please take a few minutes and give the gift of life! A small gift providing dental, medical or behavioral health to families in need will be life-changing. Give online today or call 1-800-242-0238 | (Re)gift tomorrow.

Hepatitis C Testing for Baby Boomers

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hepatitisc_355pxJordan runs a Hepatitis C treatment program at our 82 Holland Street location. We can also accept referrals from community physicians once they have confirmed an active infection in a “baby boomer” (persons born between 1945 and 1965). We can assist the treatment process with support groups and care management, and work to meet needs not covered by insurance. Listen to nurse Emily Georger and outreach worker Reggie Peters talk about Jordan’s rapid-testing and treatment information to help boomers know their status and live healthy.

Effective January 1, 2014 New York State’s HCV Testing Law will require hospitals and privately practicing primary care physicians to offer a Hepatitis C screening test to individuals in the age group above. This new law also provides that should a screening test be positive or reactive, the provider shall offer follow-up health care including a Hepatitis C diagnostic test or refer the individual to a provider who can. The law will expire on 1/1/2020. The Department of Health created this email account “hepatabc@health.state.ny.usfor physicians to ask questions about the law and its requirements. More information is available on the Department of Health website.

Jordan’s Healthcare Resources for the Community

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KathleenSebeliusApologizing to Americans visiting, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (pictured at left) said glitches would be worked out by November 30.  “Over the past few weeks, millions of Americans have visited to look at their new health coverage options under the Affordable Care Act,” Sebelius says. “In that time, nearly 700,000 applications have been submitted to the federal and state marketplaces from across the nation. This tremendous interest — with over 20 million unique visits to date to — confirms that the American people are looking for quality, affordable health coverage.”

Jordan & the Exchange


Certified Applicant Counselor
Tawaunda Steele-Nesmith, 704-8693
Financial Counselor qualified to enter client information into the Exchange Portal.

Jenny Torres-Diggs, 613-7662
Assists individuals, families and small businesses with health insurance enrollment in the New York State Department of Health Marketplace.

MORE | Watch the video where Secretary Sebelius testifies on the website’s traffic and troubles yet still deliver on its goal to inform Americans on what’s available under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Jordan at the Joseph Avenue BA Health Fair

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Meanwhile, the fun continued over at the Joseph Avenue Business Association-sponsored Health Fair! The community really enjoyed the vendors: The Seneca Zoo was a big hit! Kathy McGill and the UPAC performers were on the scene as were other performers. RPD was recruiting; I’m pretty sure they plan to “steal” our fan concept (more power to you, RPD!). Yes, the new Jordan Health Center fans were in great demand throughout the hot day!

Taking the stage near the end of the fair gave us an opportunity to share the news about our new mammography service (operated for us by Highland Hospital), and test out our new campaign name: “Yes Ma’am!” to the delight of the crowd. Thanks for the big thumbs up, especially to the ladies who shouted back “I got my Yes Ma’am!”

Jordan at the Fidelis Health Fair

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Health-Fair 20130727_121755 20130727_123835 20130727_124019

What a great day! Plenty of sunshine and smiles. Anthony L. Jordan Health Center staff were on hand to talk about the new Urgent Care Center. #doUno that Urgent Care is open seven days a week? #doUno that you don’t have to be a Jordan patient to use our Urgent Care? #doUno that we will keep your doctor updated if you use our Urgent Care?

When not talking about Urgent Care, it was great to bask in the sun watching Pepper teach the art of Zumba, ask about the origin of the Fidelis spotted mascot, and applaude as the 5-2-1-0 Street Team encouraged young and not-so-young folk to be a healthy hero. Congratulations to Fidelis for staging a health fair at SWAN Community Center. See you next year!